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  • Data Science and Machine Learning. Data science includes machine learning techniques and statistical analysis for effective handling of diverse Big Data projects;
  • Custom Software Development. Custom software development is the creation of solutions aimed at solving a specific business’ needs;
  • Dedicated Development Teams. When you work with a dedicated project team, you’ll be eligible for an agreed monthly cost, which is cheaper than when you employ local staff, and there’s no overhead charge;
  • Cloud Solutions. Finding the right solutions to help you solve your toughest business challenges and explore new opportunities with major cloud providers;
  • Business Applications. We are providing excellent business software application development services that tally with your business.

Product: Di-agnostics

Industrial AI sound analytics SaaS

Record the sound of how the equipment works and transmit data via the special mobile application.
Process it in the cloud infrastructure for data computing, analytics, and data science.
Use a large dataset of the different sounds of industrial equipment. It was built a comprehensive data pipeline to easily train, schedule retrain, and use specific models for selected users.
Receive motor status in seconds and analyze spectrogram via UI for administrators and data analysts.

Product: CBF

Cloud Business Framework is a software framework to develop highly scalable and flexible Enterprise and SaaS applications. It provides rich set of features necessary for implementation of Enterprise and SaaS solutions of any complexity.
CBF was created to help developers in building enterprise-ready applications for the end customers faster and better.
Using CBF libraries as the base of Enterprise and SaaS application development, the company can save up to 6000 man-hours of work. CBF provides possibility to immediately focus on the project-specific business logic implementation via utilizing pre-built out-of-the-box core features.
Implementations. Industries: Oil & Gas, Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, Automotive.

About us

Smartificial Element is a custom software development company that has been providing reliable services for implementation of SaaS systems, sophisticated business solutions, engineering applications, and business processes automation software.

With clients from the U.S. and the E.U., office in London, and development centers in Eastern Europe, Smartificial Elements assists customers in delivering innovative software solutions on a global scale.